My Interview with Dublin-Rock Band Skyfever—An Exhilarating and Inspiring Conversation

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Skyfever, a rock band from Dublin, Ireland via the Zoom-iverse. I had a one-on-one call with Tyson, guitarist and songwriter in the band. Upon writing this article, I felt that paraphrasing Tyson’s responses wouldn’t serve justice to the interview, so I have written it in dialogue style. As you read through the interview, please enjoy my list of prepared questions and insightful responses from Tyson from Skyfever.

Sofia: Can you take me through to who plays in the band?

Tyson: Me myself, I’m Tyson, I write the songs and play guitar. I kinda run a lot of our strategy and the moves we make… I might be the mind behind it if you know what I mean. Luke would be the lead singer, he’s the tip of the spear. He’s our frontman. When he sings, I hear the ghost of Chris Cornell, I hear Eddie Vedder in him, I hear the Seattle sound, essentially. To be able to write for his voice is sensational. Matt plays guitar. Carl is on drums, but he can also play bass and piano. A bit of talent and a bit of drive goes a long way, doesn’t it?

Sofia: How did you meet Luke and the other members?

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