Put these USA Train Trips on Your Bucket list

Forget cruise or air travel, explore some of the most beautiful USA spots via train trips. From breathtaking vineyards to illuminating skylines, we’ve highlighted seven fantastic train vacations that will leave you mesmerized and satisfied in all areas of travel.

These train rides were selected based on their accessibility, scenic beauty, and leisure. Consider the Napa Valley Wine Train for a weekend getaway with a cherished one, or Amtrak’s Vermonter for a trolley across the splendid New England states. Or, hop on the Alaska Railroad Classic in lieu of an Alaskan cruise. Moreover, escape the crazy crowds of the Grand Canyon by going on the Grand Canyon Railway and enjoy the Canyon’s South Rim this way. Last but most certainly not least, Amtrak’s Empire Builder is a hefty trip for the serial traveler. Venture from Chicago to the great Pacific Northwest to experience some of America’s most beautiful landscapes.

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