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Digital Media Projects

UX Process Blog

For my team’s high-fidelity prototype, we designed a public transportation app called Eazy Transit. Its purpose was to provide user-friendly and accurate public transportation options. Visit our process blog to view everything from our personas and sketches to our wireframes and high-fi prototypes.

Digital Magazine (Zine)

For my department senior capstone project, I created a digital magazine (zine) that chronicles an exploration of Armenian culture, food and tradition through the lens of history, identity and regionality. Use the arrows to flip through the pages and the full screen icon to zoom further in.

Print Advertisement

For this project, I created a mock print advertisement for the locally-owned Vietnamese restaurant Ba Bar in Seattle, WA.

Journalism & Published Pieces

Paintings & Fine Art

I’m a creative person and have long held an admiration for art. My paintings below are displayed from most recent (2021) to least recent (2014).

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